EAT – Exeter Alternative Theatre


In early 2014 a group of bored Exeter youngsters disappeared. Two days later one of the group is found wandering on the quay in a state of extreme shock. She is unable to speak of her ordeal or give the police any clue as to the whereabouts of her missing friends. After 12 days of silence she finally reveals a traumatic tale involving a mysterious book, a terrible accident and a ritual that opens a doorway into profound darkness.

Prepare yourself for something truly wicked as Exeter Alternative Theatre presents its darkest Halloween extravaganza to date. Original writing and spellbinding talent combine to deliver a production that embraces theatre, burlesque, dark magic, fire breathing and pole dancing, the likes of which the South West has never experienced before.

Recommended for open minded individuals seeking something exciting and unconventional this Halloween.

If you’re keen to explore your darker side and want to get involved in
‘The Gypsy’s Curse’ then please DO contact us – it’s gonna be a shocker!